New Works

    Arthur Shilstone
    Pool Beneath The Falls

    Carl Rungius
    Approaching Storm

    Bill Rice

    Carl Hantman

    Douglas Allen
    Hiker's Nightmare

    Henry M. Shrady
    Monarch Of The Plains

    Charles Schreyvogel
    Mounted Indian Warrior

    Cyrus Dallin
    The Archery Lesson

    Daro Flood

    Emil Bisttram
    Fiesta in Taos

    George Browne
    Gray Summit

    Frank Tenney Johnson
    The Herd at Night

    George Catlin
    Wild Horses at Play

    Frederic Remington
    Branding Cattle

    Frederic Remington
    Following A Trail

    Frederic Remington
    Bronco Buster

    Frederic Remington
    Indian Soldier

    Frederic Remington
    The Sergeant

    Grace C. Hudson

    Henry M. Shrady
    The Empty Saddle

    Herman Atkins MacNeil
    Indian Girl with Papoose

    James E. Fraser
    Two Moons

    Joseph H. Sharp
    Portrait Sketch of Indian

    William Gollings
    Almost Home

    Frederic Remington
    The Cheyenne

    Olaf Seltzer
    Fight for the Waterhole

    Rockwell Kent
    Virgin Peaks,Tierra del Fuego

    Scott Yeager
    Life Under Canvas

    Tim Shinabarger
    The Sneak

    William Keith
    Glacier Meadow in the High Sierra

    Ken Carlson
    Heading into Timber

    William R. Leigh
    Papago Mending Pottery

    Wilhem Kuhnert
    Fringe-eared Oryx

    Tom Christopher
    Street crossing with red light and some clouds

    William McIlvaine
    Canon on the Towalumne - CA